004 – October 2021: TGS, Sora in Smash, and No Final Fantasy XVI

The FFWiki Podcast is the official podcast of https://finalfantasy.fandom.com, the biggest Final Fantasy Wiki on the internet – accept no substitutes.

This month we cover the news coming out of the Tokyo Game Show and other big news announcements – none of which have Final Fantasy XVI news. We discuss the Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster, the new games from Hiroyuki Ito and Yoko Taro, the new demo for Stranger of Paradise, and SORA!!!!!!!!!

This month’s FFWiki Podcast is hosted by BlueHighwind (Eric Fuchs), Technobliterator, and SomeColorMage.

We also have a special guest, Sreliata, a fan artist who assists the wiki in ripping graphics and polygons out of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Sadly, her internet crashed and she could only join us for a brief time.

Podcast music is “La Montana de los Caballos Jovenes” by XPRTNovice off the OC Remix Album Balance and Ruin, based on Mt. Koltz from FFVI.