006 – December 2021: FFXIV Endwalker Exhaustingly Summarized

The FFWiki Podcast is the official podcast of https://finalfantasy.fandom.com, the biggest Final Fantasy Wiki on the internet – accept no substitutes.

This month we might be a bit hungover after Christmas and have a very sloppy energy. Final Fantasy XIV Mooncrash, I mean, Endwalker, is our topic. The entire expansion is summarized, whether the hosts like it or not. We also discuss the issue of the game’s over-crowding, the hidden horror of Male Viera, and the abundantly clear horror of Imagine Dragons.

This FFWiki Podcast is hosted by BlueHighwind (Eric Fuchs), SomeColorMage, Catuse, and Hexedmagica and an annoying rumbling noise in the background sometimes that I couldn’t edit out.

Podcast music is “La Montana de los Caballos Jovenes” by XPRTNovice off the OC Remix Album Balance and Ruin, based on Mt. Koltz from FFVI.