007 – January 2022: State of the Wiki 2022

The FFWiki Podcast is the official podcast of https://finalfantasy.fandom.com, the biggest Final Fantasy Wiki on the internet – accept no substitutes.

This month BlueHighwind was too busy drinking Bloody Marys in Vegas, so a few other people decide to discuss this month’s news by themselves. A game with no release date got delayed, the president of Square Enix thinks the future is non-fungible, shipping drama went nuclear and the Italians saw more of Tifa than they knew they wanted to. We also talk about how 2021 went for the wiki and what we want for 2022.

This month’s FFWiki Podcast is hosted by SomeColorMage, Catuse, and Technobliterator. Podcast music is “La Montana de los Caballos Jovenes” by XPRTNovice off the OC Remix Album Balance and Ruin, based on Mt. Koltz from FFVI.

(BlueHighwind apologizes he was on vacation and couldn’t post this episode to the feed until well in February, he’ll never take a vacation again if that helps.)