010 – April 2022: Sora Shows Feet and Housing Bubbles

The FFWiki Podcast is the official podcast of https://finalfantasy.fandom.com, the biggest Final Fantasy Wiki on the internet – accept no substitutes.

This month the Final Fantasy Wiki spends most of its time obsessing over a very relevant and within wiki scope topic: Kingdom Hearts IV. It is the biggest news of April and thus, the topic that must be discussed. (And I wasn’t going to let the podcast happen without talking KH4, sorry-not sorry.) We then move on to the Final Fantasy XIV news and the horror of scarcity capitalism creeping into our precious digital socialist commonwealths. And this was recorded before the update on FFXVI, so we didn’t get to that.

This month’s FFWiki Podcast is hosted by BlueHighwind, Technobliterator, and SomeColorMage. Podcast music is “La Montana de los Caballos Jovenes” by XPRTNovice off the OC Remix Album Balance and Ruin, based on Mt. Koltz from FFVI.