011 – May 2022: “E3” Prep and Square Enix Sells Eidos

The FFWiki Podcast is the official podcast of https://finalfantasy.fandom.com, the biggest Final Fantasy Wiki on the internet – accept no substitutes.

This month… um… I dunno, man. I’ll be honest, we don’t have a ton to talk about. Mostly just shooting the shit about the upcoming Summer Games… Thing. (Whatever you call this June gyre of news media that replaced the now-dead E3.) Then we talked about Square Enix selling off their western studios and how weird… everything is. The economy is weird, games are weird, our energy is weird. It’s an hour of… stuff. Audio content has been made.

This month’s FFWiki Podcast is hosted by BlueHighwind and SomeColorMage. Podcast music is “La Montana de los Caballos Jovenes” by XPRTNovice off the OC Remix Album Balance and Ruin, based on Mt. Koltz from FFVI.